About This Blog.

Posted on 07 Jul 2019 by Aadi Bajpai

Last updated 11 Jan 2022 at 4:58 pm


Welcome to my blog. Some old posts may be found on Medium, but I don't like Medium anymore because too much pay to play.

I love this blog, although it is a relative pain to maintain, purely because of this retro "big-brain" vibe it has going on.

The source code of this blog is at https://github.com/aadibajpai/blog. It is composed solely of linux utilities and I am a Windows pleb unfortunately. This meant configuring a lot of stuff to work with wsl and figuring out how to run the Windows Sublime Text program from inside wsl to create and edit posts like this one. Previously, I used to actually ssh into a linux server just to run the blog, that's how much I like it.

This also serves as a test blog post because it will be built each time so I can see if something broken.

Lorem Ipsum or whatever. Random styling things now.

import __hello__ # This should be inline code

Now, let's try a code block.

from __future__ import braces
import antigravity
if x.startswith('java'):
	x = 'suck'  # check indents rendered
# A few Python easter eggs and also an example of a code block

italics and bold and strikethrough within a blockquote

Thanks for visiting, stay to read a couple of posts :)

If you have something to say about this blog (appreciation appreciated, criticism appreciated even more not really) then please go ahead and contact me at [email protected]

A huge thanks to my padawans, Nils André-Chang and Uzay Girit for adding some important functionality to this. Nils contributed the named links feature, which allows for posts to have simple, easy-to-remember links like this one. Uzay fixed a few overflow errors which were quite annoying and absolutely broke styling on mobile.