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About Me👋🏻

I am Aadi Bajpai. You probably know that like thrice by now.
I study Computer Science, Math and Business at Vanderbilt University.
There, I work on The Vanderbilt Hustler and VandyHacks.
Now there are a lot of new cool things to list along with the old cool things.


I want to say I work on whatever needs work as opposed to a specific tech stack.
These days it is writing next.js and serverless functions for VandyHacks VIII and writing a recursive descent parser for extra credit, a while ago it was research and Google Summer of Code heavy in GraphQL and JS.
The idea has always been to find a problem and flounder enough until I can fix it well and then learn and repeat.

Either way, projects have been fairly constant and everything I do is (mostly) open source.
I should set up a dedicated page to talk about them, but I haven't yet.

In addition to my own, sometimes I have ideas for nice projects I lack the time and effort to do myself.
I end up talking about them with friends who like me enough to do it.
Here's some.

Fun stuff✨

If you need a fun fact about me to use somewhere, please feel free to use this: I love solving crosswords!
Other than that, there is no fun in Ba Sing Se. If you're super curious, go dig in to the git history or view source.

...not sure what else to say, email me or something (no one emails me anymore sad). Email is the title of this page at symbol the domain.
Yes there is Cloudflare scrape protection here but then people don't really read the text so maybe this way I get an email.
Website open source at aadibajpai/my-website.