go on, it won't bite
Here's my résumé if you're into that kind of stuff ;)
My blog if you'd care to read what I have to write (gee, thanks!)
And here's the onion version [?] of this site if you really want to be anonymous on the internet. I care about your privacy :)

About Me👋🏻

I am Aadi Bajpai. You probably know that like thrice by now.
I am in college now, and things that felt important enough to be listed before don't anymore.
Which means I will write here once I know what to write.

Fun stuff✨

A list of interesting things I've done or experienced (read: low-key humblebrag). In no particular order:
Same. If you're super curious, go dig in to the git history or view source.

...not sure what else to say, go email me or something no one emails me anymore.