go on, it won't bite
Here's my résumé if you're into that kind of stuff ;)
My blog if you'd care to read what I have to write (gee, thanks!)
And here's the onion version [?] of this site if you really want to be anonymous on the internet. I care about your privacy :)

About Me👋🏻

I am Aadi Bajpai. You probably know that like thrice by now.
I will be studying Computer Science, Math and hopefully Business at Vanderbilt University.
With that, now there are a lot of new cool things to list along with the old cool things.
I need to do a little cherry-picking. Soon™

Fun stuff✨

Same. If you're super curious, go dig in to the git history or view source.

...not sure what else to say, email me or something no one emails me anymore. My email is the title of this page @ the domain.
Yes there is Cloudflare scrape protection here but then people don't really read the text.